Helston Town Band

Helston Town Band

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Helston Town Band
Rehearsal day and time: Tues & Fri 7:45pm - 9:45pm
Rehearsal venue: The Godolphin CLub,
Wendron St, Helston

Band Members

Claire Alden
Kirsty Anderson
Gemma Andrews
Stephen Andrews
Lester Ashton
Philip Bennetts
Jonathan Bond
Terence Broughal
Keith Busby
Shaun Carter
Ashley Chinn
Clive Christophers
Ben Curnow
Jack Curnow
Tegen Davis
Linda Frew
Ian Harvey
Russell Harvey
Paul Jenkin
Kevin Johns
Ian Nicholls
Liz Pascoe
Martin  Pascoe
Gavin Pascoe
Ann Pascoe
Ben Reed
Lynn Richards
Lisa Sara
Sean Sjoholm
Catriona Taylor
Simon Taylor
Ella Taylor
Lowenna Thrussell
Nathan Toothill
Jemma Webb
Mark Williams
Simon Wills

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