Regionals at Torquay 2018 - A Weekend to Remember!!

1st Place in the 2nd Section and Thrilled...

It's been a long hard build up to this contest and a huge amount of credit has to be given to our Musical Director Kevin Johns, not just for how he has built up the test piece for John, but also for how he has steadily been improving the band throughout the year.  We must thank the legendary John Berryman who imparted his great knowledge and added his own touch of class to our playing. John took the reigns 2 weeks before the contest during which he conducted the piece in the Central Methodist Church concert. We must thank them, as well as Danny Reed, for the use of their church for the concert and also a number of practises during the week.

The contest weekend was an incredibly enjoyable one for all our members and supporters. We thank Hopley's Coaches Limited for once again getting us there in style and the staff at the Ashley Court hotel for their accommodation.

Nerves seemed to be vacant before our performance thanks to the confidence instilled by John and we all feel our performance was possibly the best we could of given as we came off the stage confident with our chances. We were right to trust our confidence as we came away with a brilliant result!